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Type the characters you see below, I'm sorry, but be sure to not be a robot. For best results, make sure your browser accepts cookies. Bitcoin's debut '.: Bitcoin is an unregulated digital Cryptocurrency by a Central Bank. Its value-how much real Wahrungen-is used to determine how much people are willing to use. Therefore, rises and falls tested. Bitcoin abroad-as a virtual currency Bitcoins for to-peer, in Internet without borders is designed, not removing a part of the transaction. This means that the transfer of costs may be cheaper and attract customers seeking money from places like Britain and the United States could send to relatives and friends in Africa. Ghana's '-beam is a service in Ghana, this coin, which sent the IDEC from abroad in local currency, converted. Since its launch three months ago, has attracted 30 users, who pay a tax of 3% on every transaction. The founders that is less expensive than the average cost of 12% associated with traditional money transfer services. Problem is not expensive-it is a problem when using Bitcoin is very volatile. Prices vary for a number of reasons, but often more savage than the Fiat currencies due to the absence of a central system. Bitcoin-talked a lot Cryptocurrency-world,-is exactly. Not be printed, can be controlled directly by the Governments and central banks, but worldwide now economically would be sent. And in sub-Saharan Africa, where 75% of the population has a bank account, experts say, could be the motto helping millions of people to get numbers from the invoices and their finances under control. Transfer money from a bank or a money (ETM) as Western Union or MoneyGram transfer can be expensive. According to overseas development, transferred $ 200 average rate in Africa with traditional transfer Services institutions silver 12%. If you send $ 200, the numbers are $ 24. ODI adds all sums of money that are produced in a year bring the fresh money and found new taxes from the African continent to transfer $ 1 annual $ 8 million. What happens if the money for things, instead of charges may be applied. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer virtual Internet unlimited, the cost of transfer modes could radically less expensive compared to conventional methods, and the process is much faster. Bitcoin can strongly change the payments industry and Michael Kimani, head of digital currency African Association said that a group of life in Kenya, launched a digital currency to promote technologies in May. 7days [remove a transaction] with the help of maximum 20 minutes telling banks and PayPal. Examples of Africans, Ray is a service in Ghana, which converts the Bitcoin sent abroad in local currency cedi. Since its launch three months ago, has attracted 30 users, who pay a tax of 3% on every transaction instead of the average of 12% of traditional service. Ghana has received income of $ 1 7 billion in 2012, once the Bank of Ghana and the founder of the bar are optimistic for the future. Bitcoin will make a big difference if it begins to be absorbed by traders in Ghana, says CEO Nikunj Handa. People should not change the piece in a different currency, then no intermediation costs involved and can actually, very low transaction cost. Bitcoin is still in its infancy, but we need to make banks and retailers. And the value of founders Ɯberweisungen-activate a service I use, pay people in other countries to the members of his family in Ghana water bills, electricity and telephone Bitcoin. Kitiwa, a similar service to Ghana, says it has processed more than $ 90 000 value of Bitcoin and BitPesa in Kenya, additional reference services that do the same, but with the Kenyan shilling. To solve the more aligned you can with good Azte including, a Commission fee of 4% for convenience. And Lee, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, a similar statement with vouchers of QR codes, scans with your Smartphone. In addition to the standard fees not supported not all banks are still part of the company. Some customers of British banks should be transferred, for example, the first money from your bank account to a business of Bitcoin with a European Bank account. They pay the price of banks and will have to wait five days for the funds to clear before arriving at Bitcoin. Not just fast. TraditionsCompetition break with existing service and also consolidated the main reasons, some say that the widespread use of Bitcoins in Africa still far away. MoneyGram has agent in 25. 000 locations throughout Africa and Western Union has over 32000 of sites registered on the continent. While in the near future are not his yellow and black, the company is suitable for mobile money transfers. Africa, said something in particular on the limits of mobile, Hikmet Ersek, Western Union's CEO. Who, like cell phones, e.g. mobile use. But also as a portfolio. This mobile wallet has been very successful in Kenya. We have not seen any success in other countries. But the future, I think that, if consumers find a way to use it,.